Shahrukh Khan on Twitter? is a popular messaging service where millions of people send messages through web, SMS and other desktop based applications. Twitter is popular in USA and is gaining popularity in India as well. Recently, 3 bollywood stars Shahrukh Khan, Farhan Akhtar and Sanjay Dutt allegedly created accounts on the social messaging service and started messaging.

Farhan Akhtar and Sanjay Dutt's accounts seem to send automated messages, when a news about each of them is published on the Internet. The alleged Shahrukh Khan's account messages (also known as tweets) are not automated and sent by person. However, all the messages are nothing much but already known information on the web. Unlike Big B's blog, there are no personal and exclusive pictures or information. Some of the tweets are:

Done with the first round of shooting for Name is Khan. Los Angeles (and GG Awards, congrats to Slumdog!) has been a life affirming blast.

Shelved Duhla Mil Gaya & MNIK not kind to the shoulder. Surgery imminent. Still: good to be home. I shall be ready for Billu press junket.

Shouts to everybody who wished 'Ghar Ki Baat Hai' best wishes. NDTV Imagine and Red Chillies proudly filling a void.

Moreover, the background used is a wallpaper from the movie Billu Barber, which is again available publicly. Though "Shahrukh Khan" ackwnoledges that the background is from Billu Barber in another tweet, "@shahpar_selim Absolutely! You may find the background at". Ths picture used by that account as the profile picture, is the 6th picture on Google Image Search for "shahrukh khan," which is again available publicly to anyone without much effort. The profile picture is cropped from the picture available on Google Image Search.

We don't think it is the real Shahrukh Khan, but it seems like it could be either a fan or perhaps even an employee at Red Chillies. We are waiting on for a comment on this from Red Chillies as well as Farhan Akhtar. Bollywood fans are hoping to see more of their favorite stars using technology to get connected with their fans. Some well-known people who are using Twitter to their advantage are Barrack Obama, Britney Spears and even Sanjay Leela Bhansali for promoting Saawariya.

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