Shahrukh Khan makes Marathi film debut

Shahrukh Khan who along with director Rohit Shetty, gave a block buster film ‘Chennai Express’ is once again joining hands with Shetty in producing not Bollywood potboiler but Marathi films.

It is said that Shahrukh and Rohit will fund a total of six regional films under their joint banner. Rohit confirmed the news and said, “Yes, we are looking at producing Marathi films, but it is too early to talk about it as we are still working on things. A few friends from the Marathi film industry have already narrated their scripts to me. I liked couple of them and I look forward to producing these ventures.” Rohit was flying to South Africa for hosting ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’ when he confirmed the news.

A source said that when Rohit discussed the project with SRK, he seemed interested.  However, Rohit refused to dish out more details as he said that the project was in nascent stage. He was further asked if he would be making the sequel of ‘Chennai Express’, the director said, “But I am going to work with Shah Rukh on another film after I wrap up work on 'Singham 2'.”

Shahrukh also confirmed the news. He said, “Rohit ke paas kucch subject hai (Rohit has a subject). So he was saying that we should make a Marathi film together. And I want to produce one soon.”

He further added, “I know a lot of people involved in Marathi films and I would like to participate in some way or the other. It will be good as regional cinema is very important for the state. It has to go side by side with Bollywood. It is important that I do something about it soon.”

Shahrukh however clarified that he won’t be a part of the filmas language might be a barrier to him. He will only produce the films. Srk said, “As an actor, I may not be able to participate as I don’t know the language.”

But at the same time he also said that he would love to make a cameo appearance in the movie. SRK said, “Maybe, given a chance, I will do a guest appearance or something. But as a film person I can make it a little better by giving it as much importance as Hindi films.”

‘Cheenai Express’ was the first venture of SRK and Rohit together.