Shahrukh Khan makes fun of Farah Khan

Actors taking dig at each other has become a regular episode and Shahrukh Khan’s name comes at the top. Post the slapgate episode, Shahrukh Khan has again took a dig at choreographer turned filmmaker Farah Khan at a recent event. Farah and Shahrukh had patched-up after the slapping episode but King Khan seems not satisfied with what had happened recently.

On Wednesday evening, at an event, SRK dragged Farah Khan’s name without any reason. An eyewitness revealed, "SRK chatted with the finalists and was dancing with them to music generated by a software system. But the songs got stuck due to some technical glitches in the system. The dance was being interrupted due to the breaking sound system."

SRK who is known for his witty remarks made fun of Farah Khan, "SRK who was irritated with the system error said, 'Play station ko lag raha hai ki Farah iske samne dance kar rahi hai, isliye yeh bar bar pause ho jaa raha hai (The Play station perhaps feels that Farah is dancing to its music and that's why it's throwing up errors).' In fact, the organisers had to finally stop the system and the music," added the eyewitness.

In the past, Shahrukh has also taken a dig at Aamir Khan and his rivalry with Salman Khan is world famous.

Well, with every passing day King Khan is losing friends.