Shahrukh Khan loses weight

Shahrukh Khan has lost enormous weight. He has lost his six packs and went back to size zero. All this happened while shooting for his home production ‘Ra. One’ which is a sci-flick. For the role, SRK needs to wear a suit for 40 days which is made of such a material that he sweat heavily on it. Shahrukh Khan admits,  “Yes, I have lost a lot of weight,” he rues. “I need to put some weight on… even the kids (Aryan and Suhana) are thinking I am a 90 pound pushover weakling. I can’t be an under-nourished superhero, can I?”

King Khan has cited the reason for his weight lost, “It’s because I had been wearing a superhero suit for Ra.One. The suit is made of silicon and styrofoam and rubber and, after wearing that suit for eight to nine hours daily, you tend to lose weight.”

With this suit, the actor could not even eat properly, “When I was shooting in Mumbai about a month ago, it was very hot even in the air-conditioned studio. It was steaming hot even when we shot in London. So you can imagine my condition inside the suit. I wouldn’t eat, as I had wires all around, and it’s very difficult to have a meal while in the costume.”

But, he hasn’t lost his sense of humour.

“I am marketing that suit for people who want to shed a few kilos,” he says.

However, don’t get too attached to SRK’s lean look.

“Now that I have finished the shoot, Gauri has been feeding me lots of rice and chicken so I put on a few kilos. I will also start working out. My shirts have become loose, but I hope I still look sexy,” he signs off.