Shahrukh Khan jealous of Sonu Sood

It seems that the actor Sonu Sood is going through a good time. He landed up a meaty role in the Shahrukh Khan starrer ‘Happy New Year’ and has made the badshah jealous of his villainous acting skills.

In a recent event the reporters asked Sonu why he is not much seen in positive roles. Answering this question Sonu stated that, "I have done a lot of positive roles and I have a positive role in Happy New Year also. But like I said, times have changed. You just need to entertain, whether it's a positive or a negative role. Recently, when we were shooting for Happy New Year, Shahrukh told me that 'I get very jealous of you when you do negative roles and I also want to do out-and-out negative roles without any songs."

It is the best compliment that Sonu Sood can expect to get in Bollywood. Because, it was Shahrukh Khan who made the genre of anti hero popular among the masses. Early in his career King Khan did movies such as ‘Baazigar’ and ‘Darr’. The role of the love stuck psycho in ‘Darr’ who stammers won the heart of the movie goers and established him as the king of negative character performers. In the movie Sunny Deol did the role of a positive hero but the applause and appreciation was taken away by Shahrukh in a villainous role. In the movie ‘Baazigar’ too Shahrukh played the role of a serial murderer but won the sympathy and hearts of the viewers. This is a magic that only king Khan had been able to do so far in Bollywood. Therefore, a praise coming from him is a no small feat.

Sonu Sood belongs to Punjabi origin; he was born in Moga, Punjab in 1973. He did many negative roles in the south Indian movies but his recognition in Bollywood came with his portrayal of the villainous role in the super hit movie ‘Dabangg’. There has been no looking back since as Sonu is flooded with offers.

‘Happy New Year’ is a Shahrukh Khan starrer in which Sonu is working at present and the movie is set to release in the year 2014. Deepika Padukone is the heroine in the movie and Farah Khan is directing the flick. It is one of the most anticipated films of this year and Sonu is set to gain high visibility if his performance is good in the film.