Shahrukh Khan in cruel, chants Kolkatans

Shahrukh Khan was again dragged in a bad limelight. His no show at the road show has irked Kolkatans as they have been standing for long hours under the scorching sun to see the superstar and KKR co-owner Shahrukh Khan at the road show. After standing for long hours when Shahrukh was nowhere spotted, they were really disappointed. Some fans cursed him and some called SRK cruel.

The presence of KKR players could not swipe out their disappointment as they were eagerly waiting the entire day to see their favorite Bollywood star. "He is so cruel to be not present. We bunked our classes and have been standing in the sun for over two hours to see him. We are disappointed to say the least," a college student said, speaking for his group.

Local councilors has set up a stage at Jadubabu Bazar, south of the city, to felicitate the KKR players and Khan but his absence spilled water on their plans. Thousands thronged the Ashutosh Mukherjee Road to watch the KKR parade and King Khan. They too returned home disheartened.

Shahrukh Khan's no show highly upsets the Kolkatans. "It is a consolation to see Gambhir and his team. We had come here to see Shah Rukh. We now feel like fools after braving the sun for so long," said a teenager who had been chanting SRK’s name in anticipation.

Avoiding the crowd and the heat, Khan was surfaced outside the state secretariat where Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee came to felicitate the team. Shahrukh hugged the chief minister, and lifted the Indian Premier League champions trophy.