Shahrukh Khan immortalised in life-size 3D printed model

Shahrukh Khan has been once again immortalized and this time not as wax model statue but in life-size 3D printed model. VFX division of his production house Red Chillies and 3D design firm Autodesk India has gifted the superstar the unique gift. Shahrukh Khan stands in this signature pose spreading his arms, known best to the world for the lifesize 3D printed model of SRK.

 “It’s the first 3D printed life-size model done by Redchillies.VFX and Autodesk team. It is overwhelming how technology has gone forward. I am grateful to be a part of this amazing technology. This is outstanding and I am dying to show it to my kids. Its silver and shiny statue of mine in my classic pose. I want to thank Keitan, Harry, Red Chillies VFX team and Autodesk team who have worked on it. It’s the figure of work I have done for all these years,” said SRK.

The actor shared the pictures on his social media fan page and wrote, "How fantastic is my Team Red Chillies.VFX. Fully made in India the first 3D lifesize printout. My best B'Day present!

"Excited about this technology so I will over load you all with more images. 1st ever in the world!! Made in India!

"Even the folds in the shirt and trousers are captured in such detail...and if I may add the dimples too."

This life size model has been designed in India and is the first of its kind around the world.
shahrukh khan
shahrukh khan
shahrukh khan