Shahrukh Khan happy with 'Ra.One' review

Shahrukh Khan's highly anticipated film made on a budget of Rs 150 crore has received a mixed response. Though some liked it and some doesn’t, Shahrukh Khan is happy with the mixed review. He is happy that lots of them have liked his film and went to watch it. ‘Ra.One’ has been able to make a profit of 170 crore in the opening weekend.

It was an effort made by King Khan and it really gone well. "I know for a fact that when you try to attempt something different, some people would like it and some won't, and I knew this from the beginning," Shah Rukh told reporters in Mumbai.

"Maybe, it is wrong to say that it is a youngster's movie, but I don't think only young people should watch it...but it is a different generation film. Maybe, it's more appealing for the younger lot...But I think 60-70 per cent people have liked it," he added.

It is Bollywood’s most costly film made so far on the line of Hollywood technology. The 46-year-old is happy with the mixed reviews and feedback that he has received so far.

"In the past five to six days, a lot has been written about the movie. Some are writing good and some are saying bad things. But a lot of people are going out to watch the film, so I think all is well," he said.