Shahrukh Khan gets into brawl with a journalist

Shahrukh Khan is a media friendly person who always maintains cool in public and maintains a good relationship with media. He is one of the popular actors of Bollywood but never got into brawl with journalist. Whatever be the situation, he handles situation calmly. But recently, he got into spat with a photo journalist when he tried to click his photo when he was having fun with his wife and Bollywood friends on the street after India won the world cup.

Shahrukh could not make to the world cup final due to toe injury but to enjoy the victory, he went out to the street to enjoy with his wife Gauri, Hrithik Roshan and Karisma Kapoor. He came out of his car and started celebrating with his fans on the street.

The crowd on seeing Shahrukh went crazy and the situation almost became unmanageable.

Apparently, Shahrukh lost his patience and got into spat with a photographer, who was trying to take his photo. To get away from the unruly crowd, the actor and his friends rushed to producer Ritesh Sidhwani's house. On realizing his fault, SRK immediately reacted called the media inside Ritesh's house and asked them to take as much photos as they wanted.