Shahrukh Khan detained at US airport

Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan had to face hassle at the US airport for being a Muslim and for holding the title Khan. Unfortunately, he was detained at the US airport and was questioned for almost two hours. His name flashed on the computer screen at the counter and it coincided with the checklist that was prepared during 9/11 US attack.

"I was really hassled at the American Airport because of my name being Khan...It was absolutely was uncalled for...I felt angry and humiliated," said Khan, who was heading towards Chicago to participate in an Independence Day celebration.

"It is a Muslim name and I think the name is common on their checklist," he said.

Describing the incident, Khan said: "I was taken aback...I was taken to a room where there were several others waiting for secondary immigration checks. Obviously most of them were Asians. I was waiting for my bags...I thought it was nice of them to take me to another room... but that was apparently a second check."

King Khan was also not allowed to use his mobile phone. He said to them that he is a movie star and often visits to the US in relation to shooting.

In New Delhi, the Indian government took up the issue and U.S. Ambassador to India, Timothy J. Roemer, said the U.S. Embassy was trying to "ascertain the facts of the case - to understand what took place."

Shahrukh felt relaxed that his family was not traveling with him.