Shahrukh Khan avoids ex-lover Priyanka Chopra

The equation between the top stars of Bollywood can be a very interesting thing to watch. When they are on good terms they show it openly but when things get sour they try their best not to show it. One very interesting episode took place recently at the famous Mehboob studios where three of Bollywood’s leading figures seemingly ‘avoided’ each other. But whether it was deliberate or purely a co-incidence cannot be clearly determined. The three stars involved are Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra and Salman Khan.

A source who was present at the studio informs that Salman has been shooting in the studio for several days now for his next film ‘Kick’. He was shooting on Monday for an open-air sequence but it started raining. So the director gave a break to them. The source said, “It is a long schedule and when it rained on Monday, director Sajid Nadiadwala asked his actors to take a break. They were anyway looking at shooting an open-air sequence in the garden, so Sajid postponed the shoot till evening. Salman, after waiting some time for the rain to stop, went home. He returned to Mehboob studios in the evening and this is why he couldn't attend the launch of Dilip Kumar's autobiography.”

It is learnt that while Salman was waiting for the rain to stop, Priyanka Chopra arrived to attend an UNICEF event. Though the two were in the premises at the same time they did not came across each other. According to onlookers, "Priyanka's event took place at stage four and Salman and Randeep were spotted outside the venue. But they left before the event got over, so they could not meet Priyanka."

Salman returned in the evening shortly after Priyanka had left. Shortly after Salman’s arrival, SRK also arrived to shoot for ‘Happy New Year’. But as fate would have it, they did not come face-to-face despite staying in the same vicinity for a considerable period of time. A source said, “By sheer coincidence Shahrukh Khan too dropped in at the same time, as he had to shoot for his film, ‘Happy New Year’. He spent quite some time on the sets and all this while, Salman was present in the same vicinity. They never came face-to-face with each other."

SRK and Salman generally avoid each other after their fight in 2008 at Katrina Kaif’s birthday party. On the other hand, SRK and Priyanka’s relation has also gone cold after link-up rumors. SRK’s wife Gauri Khan has reportedly asked him not to work with Priyanka again.