Shahrukh Khan about Yash Johar

Shahrukh KhanHe was my 'Tom Uncle'. I gave him that name after the popular American classic Uncle Tom's Cabin, five or six years ago. Thereafter, the entire film industry started calling Yash Johar by that name. You know why I gave him that name?...
I distinctly remember my first trip abroad, and as it always happens to everyone on their first trip out of the country, I was clueless about certain things. You know how it is in a foreign country--you're alone, a little lost, self-conscious...

Yash Uncle came to my rescue, and organised everything, be it at the airport or at the hotels or dealing with customs. Tom Uncle's presence gave me tremendous confidence.

Initially he found his new name a little funny, he would tell me, but gradually when everybody around him started calling him by that name, he got used to it. Uncle Tom lived life to the fullest. He was a great helper. Irrespective of whether he knew the person or not, Yash Uncle was always there when somebody needed him. Believe me, I've never seen somebody so selflessly wanting to be a part of others' unhappy moments.

Yash uncle was famous for attending the maximum number of funerals. We would tease him a lot. He didn't care whether it was dawn or midnight, he would just land up to mourn with the aggrieved.

He was the best organiser I have ever seen. When Juhi Chawla & I set up our company, Tom Uncle was there for us as usual, taking care of most of our production stuff. And we were always relaxed knowing that the best manager is part of my extended family. I didn't have my parents, so I considered him my father. He is my surrogate father, and his family my surrogate family.

He was a godfather to my children, Aryan and Suhana, as well. I didn't take them to the hospital, but yes, Aryan is aware of losing a loved one. Suhana is too small to understand.

I will miss him, but I have to come to terms that Tom uncle has gone back, leaving behind wonderful memories. May his soul rest in peace.