Shahrukh Khan gears up to steal Salman's luck

Bollywood love stories are quite popular but here is a hate story that is certainly going to surpass the drama of many love stories. The Salman Khan- Shah Rukh Khan hatred takes a new turn, thanks to rumors that both the stars might be clashing with each other this festive season. Eid is coming up and that is a significant festival for a lot of people. Many stars are keen on releasing their movies on Eid, Salman Khan being one of them.

Salman Khan is said to have had his eyes on Eid for quite some time now. The star has preferred to release his movies on Eid for a variety of reasons- maybe it is because the date is auspicious or that it would make his movies more successful! But this year, he has competition. King Khan also has his eyes on the same date- August 8th. According to a leading daily in the country, Shah Rukh Khan is very specific about his wish to release his new movie, ‘Chennai Express’ on Eid, and that the release date has been finalized in Wai already. Shah Rukh is said to have gone to Wai many times in the past few weeks where his shooting is going on. He has called the stakeholders of the movie to the sets itself- ranging from the production house members, distributors, Farah Khan, Rohit Shetty, Vishal- Shekhar, and the other important people associated with the movie when he broke the news that the movie would release on Eid.

This is good for SRK and SRK fans but this is certainly not good news for those who have been trying to release their movie on the 8th Aug - especially Salman Khan. Sallu's movie, ‘Sher Khan’ was supposed to release on Eid but it got shelved, and his other movie, ‘Mental’, is not ready yet, so it cannot be released by this date. Looks like Shah Rukh has won this round, but Salman is sure to hit back.

Their enmity and professional rivalry has lasted more than a decade now. Even though they did try patching up, chances are low that they would reconcile and become friends any time soon, especially after the box office release of Chennai Express, at the cost of releasing Mental. What is going to happen in the future? We just have to wait and watch. At least this is good news for all the SRK Fans out there who are going to be able to see Chennai Express this festive season!