‘Shahrukh’ is the name given to a goat

The King Khan or Shahrukh Khan is a name to reckon with, in Bollywood. He is a self made man who came to Mumbai from Delhi. Without a godfather in the filmy industry and strong family root in tinsel town, he went on to make his own mark in the movie industry. He is also the first to successfully make a transition from the small screen to the big screen.  His performances and numerous hits have made him million of fans around the world. Throughout his career he has received many awards and accolades.

However, now it seems King Khan is in for a shock. Something is going to happen that he hasn’t heard ever. Frankly speaking we too never heard it. The national award winner director Janaki Vishwanathan is planning to make a movie with a goat being one of the central characters and the icing on the cake is that the goat is to be named ‘Shahrukh’.

Speaking about the bizarre event, Janaki said, “It`s a comic satire about a small boy and his goat.”Farther clarifying on the topic, Janaki added, “There is a tendency in rural India to name pets after superstars. We had a massive goat hunt in villages, where we checked out almost 40o bakras in markets before zeroing in on one which was called `Shah Rukh`!”

Speaking on the experience of finding a suitable goat, Janaki quoted, “There were goats named after Salman Khan too there, but Shah Rukh was a special goat who was the most handsome amongst all! Besides, Shah Rukh means `face of the emperor`, which is why we chose it.”  

Janaki was asked whether she have considered the fact that her action may hurt the sentiment of Shahrukh. A visibly confident Janaki replied, “I believe he is a good sport with a quirky sense of humor. He even cracks self-deprecating jokes and nowhere does this film project him in a derogatory manner.”

Only time will tell how well Shahrukh will react to the project. Naturally naming a goat ‘Shahrukh’ cannot be a respectable gesture to a well respected celebrity.

However, it seems life has come a full circle for Shahrukh Khan. Earlier, Manoj Kumar had filed a court case against him for making fun of him in the movie ‘Om Shanti Om’. Now it is Shahrukh’s turn to taste the same medicine. Though poking a fun at someone is easy, it should be avoided.