Shahrukh insults Asha Bhosle

Shahrukh Khan as a host is remarkable. He charms his audience with his witty jokes, one liners and interaction with his fans. His fans folllowing around worldwide is unimaginable. Whenever, he takes the stage, he creates magic. He takes no time to win his fans’ heart. He masters the art of stealing the show but sometimes his funny act hurts one’s sentiments.

Something like this happened at the Zee Cine awards when he went up to the stage when veteran singer Asha Bhosle was on the stage. Shahrukh who hosted the show with Priyanka Chopra walked up to the stage when Asha Bhosle was singing while she came to accept her award.

An onlooker said, “Asha Bhosale was on stage to accept her award. On demand, she obliged the audience by singing one of her songs. She spotted Shah Rukh Khan getting up and walking out while she was still singing. She thus made it a point to ask Shah Rukh backstage if he didn`t like her singing. She almost scolded him. Shah Rukh apologized immediately. He told her what had happened exactly and that he was extremely sorry.”

Well, Shahrukh should be careful next time. His jokes might entertain his mates and fans but seniors might not be very pleased.