Shahrukh in trouble for passing remark against politician

Shahrukh Khan is known for his charming humour and wit,but not everyone takes his humour in the right spirit.Recently Shahrukh was hosting an award function and everyone including himself was at the brunt of his wise cracks.He made wise cracks at all ranging from the Bachchans to Sanjay Dutt and even the absent Aamir Khan,and also the ever present family friend of the Bachchan's,politician Amar Singh.In his enthusiasm,SRK commented that Amar Singh was like the devil which didn't go down to well with Amar Singh or his party members.
However later SRK tried to make light of his words when he claimed that he was demented for saying such a thing about the politician.Unfortunately this joke of SRK's didn't go down well with Amar Singh's Samajwadi party members and they were later seen protesting outside King Khan's home.One of the party members claimed that they were extremely offended that Shahrukh had called their leader a devil and that this kind of insult to the politician was malicious.Recently on the KBC show too King Khan had made an erratic comment on a religious issue which got him into trouble.Well Shahrukh better watch and think twice before he goes shooting off his mouth or else it seems like he's going to get into plenty of trouble.

April 7,the new Ash-Abhi wedding prediction date

The constant speculatons,predictions etc continue for the highly anticipated Ash-Abhi wedding date.While the Bachchans claim that no date has been set yet,the predictions continue to come in.Earlier it was predicted that March 19 would be the big day,but now it seems that as the day approaches and there seems to be no wedding plans in the offing, the date has changed to April 7.However no confirmations have been made by the Bachchans yet.

Since March 19 will be a day of eclipse,astrologers have completely washed out the prospect of the Ash-Abhi wedding taking place on that day as it is considered inauspicious to do so amongst certain communities.Earlier it was also being said that the wedding would take place in Jodhpur,but now again it seems that the wedding will supposedly take place in Udaipur.Again however the Bachchans have not confirmed the place for the wedding yet. Well no doubt this added mystery of speculation and predictions will continue till a wedding date is confirmed.

Shahrukh quizzes Munnabhai Sanjay Dutt on KBC

Sanjay Dutt was recently on the KBC hotseat and was being quized by SRK.Actor Boman Irani was also a participant along with Sanjay.The episode was a funfilled one with all three actors at their wittiest.Sanjay and Boman are said to have won a fairly decent amount and now sanjay will be donating his share of the prize money won on KBC for a god cause.Sanjay intends to donate the money to an organisation that attempts to help children who are addicted to drugs.Sanjay himself who was once into drugs holds this cause very dear to his heart as he himself has been in this situation.

Sanjay says "I have been into drugs at a certain point in my life.I'm aware of the ill-effects and hence I can understand the mental state of these kids.I wanted to do something for them and that's when I discovered this NGO and I try and donate whatever I can." Sanjay also contributes in various other ways like counselling,visiting shelter homes and mobilizing funds for the organisation.In fact Sanjay wants to now go out onto the streets and convince kids who are addicted to drugs to come in for rehabilitation. Bravo Sanju baba,keep up the good work!

Salman's crazy but fun antics at a party

Everybody knows that Salman can be a brat,spolit and moody,but very few people know that he can be great fun and evn liven up any party.Sallu was recently at a party with brother Sohail,sis Arpita and few other friends.Salman and company began to guzzle down drinks and were seen dancing and having a good time.Sallu suddenly decided to liven up the party and took a scissor in hand.

Salman and his brother Sohail caught hold of guys and gals at the party and began cutting up their trousers and tops in fancy patterns.The guys were left with cut out shorts and the girls had various cut up styles.However nobody was really offended by Sallu's antics as they all knew it was in good spirit.Salman didn't let anyone go off to sleep that night and they were all seen dancing till the wee hours of the morning.Now here's a side of Salman that one hardly gets to see.

Shopowner claims non-smoker Hrithik Roshan does smoke

Several of our stars claim they don't smoke or drink,but very often the work pressure gets to them and they indulge in a drink or smoke.While some like SRK,Ajay Devgan and others don' bother to hide it, there are some who claim they don't drink and smoke but very often they are spotted doing so.Superhero Hrithik Roshan too claims that he stays away from drinks and alcohol,but recently a source claimed otherwise.A shopowner in the vicinity of Hrithik's home recently claimed that Hrithik often comes to his tiny shop to purchase cigarettes. He claimed that many other stars too from the vicinity often bought their cigarette packs from him.

However sometime back Hrithik himself had told a journalist "I drink lots of water and stay away from alcohol and cigarettes to keep fit." Well what does make us curious is why would Hrithik lie if he does smoke?