Shahrukh: I would have made them cry for making my daughter cry

Shahrukh Khan is often referred to as the ‘badshah of bollywood’ as he is one of the rare actors who have delivered consecutive hits over the last few years. Shahrukh has now also decided to reach out to his fans through television; he plays the host on Kaun Banega Crorepati and charms audiences and contestants. SRK’s wax statue will also soon be unveiled at Madame Tussauds Museum. Shahrukh has also been nominated at the Hong Kong based Pan Asian awards in the top actor category from India; he is the only actor to be nominated from India.
SRK is happy to play host on KBC and says “I get to interact with a lot of people that I otherwise wouldn’t get to meet.” SRK is also known to be extremely magnanimous and gives away many contestants his own personal watches. Shahrukh says “I feel touched sometimes when someone loses. It’s not a publicity plug for the watch company. These are my personal watches so I give away whatever I am wearing at that time.” Shahrukh however feels that he would not be able to do a reality show as he says “I am uncomfortable around too many people. I am very guarded about my personal life and I am also a little anti-social sometimes.” Amongst Shahrukh’s friends and family, it is often a joke that he spends a lot of time in the bathroom to get some peace and quiet and also to avoid taking work related calls. In fact SRK says “I like to spend a lot of time in the bathroom because I don’t like taking calls when I’m at home. It would be unfair to my family if I spent time at home talking on the phone.”

Much ado has been made of the rivalry between SRK and Amitabh Bachchan but SRK feels that the media is responsible for making things that actors often say sound different when written about. In other words Khan feels that the rivalry between Bachchan and himself has been blown out of proportion by the media. Shahrukh had two film releases last year, Don and KANK, but unfortunately SRK was not given rave reviews for his performances in these films. But SRK says “I’ll tell you very selfishly that people’s opinions don’t matter to me.” Shahrukh also prefers to stay away from the number games, where how much a film has made is revealed as he feels it is a personal thing. Although SRK’s character in KANK had shades of grey and was not received well by audiences, he says “I personally felt I did very well in KANK, I liked what I did in it. I think the role lost out to the character, which is okay. But I felt KANK was very good and no disappointments there.” In SRK’s other film Don, his film was often compared with the original Don and hence it fell short. But SRK is happy with the outcome of the new Don but he himself agrees that he liked the original Don better and that was one of the main reasons that they wanted to remake it.

Shahrukh is well aware that he is a superstar as his films have managed to make mega bucks both in India as well as overseas. Shahrukh takes the upcoming competition in the form of a new breed of younger actors in his stride but he maintains that he never has negative thoughts towards any of his competitors. Shahrukh says “Not once have I had a negative thought towards anyone, I have never had an iota of ill will towards anyone. I am not wishing your film well, but I am not wishing it does badly either.” Recently Shahrukh hosted an awards function and made fun of himself and several bollywood celebs like Abhishek Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, Sanjay Dutt etc. He also took a dig at the Bachchan’s family friend and political figure, Amar Singh. But it seems that Amar Singh and his party members took offense to SRK’s comments and the party members even recently staged a protest outside Shahrukh’s home. But an upset Shahrukh clearly states “I have a sense of humour and if we can all laugh at each other then why not? If you come to an awards function, you become part of the fraternity. And if by virtue of that fact, I see you at every awards function you should be ready to take a joke.” Shahrukh was very upset when he heard that there were protestors outside his house. He said “I had to cancel my shoot and rush home because my six and a half year old daughter was crying. I can give my life for my kids and if you threaten them, I will not be in self preservation mode. I am a Pathan and I am very very protective about my family.” When it comes to his family Shahrukh is very protective and he also said “If I’d reached before the cops cleared the protestors, I would have made them all cry for making my daughter cry.”

Shahrukh also does not mix around too much with people from the film fraternity as he says “I am little bit of a recluse, I don’t spend too much time with people and I like being at home.” Shahrukh also tries to explain that he has never had any tiffs with the Chopras, but the real reason for him not doing many of their films was that he did not have dates to do all their films. However recently Shahrukh shot for a Yash Raj film ‘Chak De India’. However Shahrukh says that he and Aditya Chopra have always shared a friendly relationship with each other. In fact there were several films like Bunty and Babli and Dhoom 2 that Shahrukh wanted to do, but Aditya knew him so well that he felt Bunty and Babli was not for an established actor like SRK and also he would lose patience with all the make up and get ups for Dhoom 2 and hence he refused.

Shahrukh is a workaholic and would like to continue to work till he gets work, he says “I work hard but I don’t get tired because my films do well, I get paid well and work is great. I’ve got every kind of recognition that God could perhaps give me, it’s never been at the expense of something else. It’s a dream run and the world has been kind to me.”