Shahrukh goes against his friends for Priyanka

As reported Gauri Khan is not very happy with Shahrukh Khan’s closeness to Priyanka Chopra and she snubbed her at the recently held Eid bash at Mannat. Priyanka was totally ignored at the party and when Hrithik Roshan went to share pleasantries with the actress, Gauri intervened and took him away. At the end of the bash, when Mehr questioned SRK for inviting Priyanka at the party, he favored Priyanka saying that Priyanka is also his good friend like all of them.

Informs a source, "Towards the end of the party, after many celebrities had left, Mehr pointed to SRK that not many people (including Gauri) were too fond of Priyanka. She asked him why Priyanka had been invited at all."

The actor-filmmaker doesn’tlike his guests questioning him about his guest list, "SRK told Mehr that Priyanka is a very good friend just like she and many others were to him. And if she had any problems, Mehr should address them directly with Priyanka, and not question SRK about inviting her over for his Eid party."

Priyanka and Shahrukh share a cordial relationship. In the past, the actress has supported SRK’s IPL team and she always ready to help King Khan whenever he needs. She has a special number in ‘Ra.One’ and in ‘Billu’ she has done a item number with Shahrukh Khan.