Shahrukh gets scolding from Suhana

We all know that Shahrukh Khan is a doting father to his two children Aryan and Suhana Khan and he loves his children very much. But another hidden fact is that Shahrukh scared his 12 year old daughter Suhana very much. Whenever he does anything wrong, Suhana scolds her father and like a true father the actor bows down before him.

"I never feel bad about any scolding that I get from kids. Even my kids at home keep scolding me. I feel bad when I break rules in India and my elders scold me. But at home, if I stay up really late at night or do a couple of things which irritates them, my daughter Suhana scolds me a lot and quite loudly at that," Shah Rukh said on the TV show, India's Prime Icon.

He is scared of his daughter because though she is youngest, she has a strong voice. "It is kind of scary because she is quite little, but her voice is very powerful when she is scolding me," he added.

Shahrukh and Gauri have two children, Aryan and Suhana. Recently, keeping in mind his son’s studies and future, SRK and Gauri send Aryan to London to pursue his higher education. “It was a difficult decision. But I want my kids to have a great education. I realised that in film households, we only talk about box office, casting, scripts and trailers”, he said.

London is also the favorite gateway of both SRK and Gauri and they makes it a point to travel to London to meet their son on weekends and in vacations. “On weekends, Gauri and I take turns to be in London with him. Somehow I feel I spend more quality time with Aryan over these three days.”