Shahrukh carries mineral water on shoot

When it comes to take care of hair, Shahrukh is one step ahead of all. He is very conscious of his hair as it is badly affected to hard water. He had faced the consequence of using hard water while shooting in a remote place for Paheli and now wherever he goes, he carries mineral water with him to wash his hair.

Shahrukh is also very particular about his hair product and takes care that his locks do not loses its shine. His awareness about his hair ensures him that he had sufficient stock of pure drinking water in Pollachi where is shooting for Priyadarshan's Billu Barber.

A source reveals, "His hair reacts badly to hard water. He has a condition where his hair gets hard and loses its shine if he doesn't take good care of it. And you can't have a bad hair day while shooting, so he only uses bottled water in such cases."

His hair stylist remarks, "It's important for styling that hair be washed with regular water. In the past, SRK's hair got damaged when he used well water while shooting in remote locations during Paheli. After that, he has learned to be careful. As an actor, you are in the business of looking good, so you better take care of your skin, body and hair. Also it affects the look and continuity in the film and he doesn't want to take any risks."

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