Shahrukh to pay Rs 2 lakh demolition charges by tomorrow

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has asked Shah Rukh Khan to pay a sum of Rs 2 lakh in the case of ramp demolition, says a report in MidDay. It has been reported that the superstar was sent a notice on 5th March. The notice sought charges for the cost that was involved in demolition of the illegal ramp, which took place few days ago. The charges are under Section 489(1) of MMC- Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act. This section declares that the person involved should pay the sum when an illegal structure is demolished. The BMC officials say that the actor will have to pay this sum in his property taxes, if he does not pay the money now. A source close to Shah Rukh has informed that the actor has agreed to pay the 2 lakh sum. He shall make the payments as soon as the notice is received at his mansion.

In the August of 2014, the locals in the area of SRK’s mansion Mannat, had complained about the illegal ramp that stood outside the residence. This ramp was being used to park Shah Rukh’s vanity van, but it was causing inconvenience to the public. The residents had raised an objection saying that the van was blocking the path to Mount Mary Church and also obstructing a significant part of the road. But no action had been taking against the actor even after the locales had complained to the BMC.

Following this, BJP parliamentarian Poonam Mahajan intervened. She filed a complaint and wrote a letter to the Municipal Commissioner Sitaram Kunte. She didn’t mention the name of the actor in this letter and this is what it said, “Ramp is known to be used by the bungalow owner to park his private heavy motor vehicle. In view of the safety and convenience of citizens, I request you to undertake demolition of the illegal ramp.” The letter had been written on 29th January 2015. Shah Rukh got the notice after this complaint, but he did not take any action. The actor had been given a time of one week to remove the structure. “In case of non-compliance, BMC will undertake the demolition”, a BMC official had said.

Then BMC took action and demolished this illegal ramp that stood outside Mannat in Bandra. The structure had been taken down in the morning of 14th February this year. Now the actor has been asked by authorities to pay demolition charges Rs 2 lakhs by 12th March 2015.