Shahrukh and Farah Khan’s cat fight

Shahrukh Khan and his director Farah recently had a hand to hand cat fight; however they were enacting a scene for their forthcoming film Om Shanti Om. The film which releases in Diwali is already creating quit a stir with over 30 top actors like Salman, Saif, Sanjay, Hrithik and many veteran actors making guest appearances in the film , moreover SRK’s new hot six pack abs have been unveiled in a song for the film and this has managed to generate even more hype. Everyone is also waiting to get a glimpse of the pretty new female lead Deepika Padukone opposite SRK. Now to add to all the masala, Shahrukh and his director Farah have shot a sequence where they have a cat fight.
Farah and SRK play junior artistes in the sequence where they get into a hand to hand scuffle due to a priceless coat that was worn by veteran actor Rishi Kapoor in his film. And according to sources Farah relished her cat fight sequences with SRK; she pulled his long mane and pushed him around. A source claims “Farah has done a fantastic job and filming the sequence was so much fun as she was literally pulling SRK’s hair and pushing him around.” However SRK being the true gentleman that he is did not seem to mind and took everything in the right spirit. Farah confirms that she and SRK have a catfight and pull each other’s hair over Rishi Kapoor’s coat in the film.

A source further adds, that for the sequence Farah and SRK are imitating junior artistes whom they have often seen having hand to hand fights over small issues. The film has a 70’s look in one half as well a 2007-08 look, it is supposed to be a film about films. Reincarnation is also said to be a backdrop for Om Shanti Om. Recently SRK was also completing a bit of last minute sequences for the film. He had to romance Ameesha Patel and Dia Mirza who were putting in special appearances in the film. The Om Shanti Om sets were bustling with excess activity and noise, but King Khan finished his romantic scenes with the actresses in ten minutes flat despite the entire chaos all around him. Now that’s just one of the many reasons the actor is considered King of bollywood.