Shahid will always be part of Kareena's life

"Sometimes there are no reasons for things, which happen in life. Even if there is one, I do not think it is right to talk about it openly," this is what Kareena feels about her break-up with Shahid Kapur. Today, Kareena looks upon Shahid as a very good friend who has stood by her side in her good and bad days. She is sorry for not being able to carry forward her relationship with him and blames circumstance for the ill-faith. Bebo at one blow broke-up her four years old relationship with Shahid and walked away with Saif. 

Talking to a news daily, Bebo says, "Whatever went wrong between Shahid and me is very personal. I have always maintained that Shahid will always be part of my life. But, we are better off as friends. There is no animosity."

Bebo still hold respect for her ex beau and concern about his career. It is once reported that anxious Kareena enquired about his career from a mutual friend. It shows that though separated, Kareena still concern for her ex-boyfriend.

Hope Shahid also finds his real soul-mate soon and lead a happy, blissful life like Bebo.