Shahid, Vishal grab each other’s collar

The cast and crew of ‘Kaminey’ had witnessed a worse brawl between actor Shahid Kapur and director Vishal Bharadwaj. The two broke into an ugly fight and had a bitter exchange of words when Shahid behaved like a perfectionist and tried to interfere in every aspect of film publicity and marketing. Shahid Kapur started behaving like a superstar and showed his mastery in every area which did not go well with Vishal.

The situation turned more hideous when Vishal called in Shahid to his office to settle the issue regarding film promotion. The two not only exchanged heated words but they screamed and even grabbed each other's collar. Vishal’s office assistant intervened between the two and separated them.

Confirming the news a source said, "Shahid is trying to act like as if he were a Shahrukh or a Aamir. Vishal was upset with him as he was trying to behave like a perfectionist actor on the sets”.

For the first time, Shahid is playing a double role. The film is about to see the light of the day and the crew members worried that their fighting might not hamper the film promotion.