Shahid told me that he’s getting married, Kareena

Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor dated for three years before they broke up in 2007. Post the success of ‘Jab We Met’, Kareena and Shahid declared their break-up. Over the years, they talked minimal about each other and totally remained engaged with their own business. But now that Shahid is getting married to his fiancée Mira Rajput on July 10, Bebo was quipped whether she is aware of his wedding. She said that Shahid informed her about the same months back and she is happy for him.

“We both performed at a recent event where he told me that he’s getting married, before he told the media. I’m very happy for him. And I can vouch for marriage being cool,” she was quoted as saying.

Kareena Kapoor Khan wished Shahid all the best. “It’s a great decision. I met him at YRF a few months ago and he told me he was getting married and I congratulated him”, she said.

Kareena expressed her thought on arranged marriage. “I think he can make it work. He has changed and matured and he knows what is best for him”.

When asked whether marriage made Kareena less ambitious, “No, I think I was always like this. I want to have it all, that’s why I decided to get married. I can’t be somebody who says ‘Okay, work is my only thing, all I need is just to work.’ I can’t be like that. Everyone says personal life can wait. I want to tell the young girls,‘Trust me, there is no later.’ It’s now that you have to work and experience other things in life.

Your life cannot be only your work. I am shooting for 25 brands, I am doing three films, but I still have time to read, travel, to unwind, and chat with Saif. So, no, my priorities haven’t changed. I am obsessed about my work but I am also obsessed about having a full life. So it’s a nice balance. I am doing work at my own pace and I want to work and I want to be married, I want to read my books, I want to travel. I am very greedy but I am not greedy as much only for good roles, I am greedy for a good life”.