Shahid's 'Dil Maange More'

Shahid KapurWith FIDA [Ken Ghosh] and MILENGE MILENGE [Satish Kaushik] already on floors, Shahid Kapur will soon begin work on DIL MAANGE MORE, directed by Anant Narayan Mahadevan...

...The film was initially titled MOHABBAT KI KII KIII, but Mahadevan decided to change it to YEH DIL MAANGE MORE. Subsequently, he removed YEH from the title, with the modified title being DIL MAANGE MORE. Actually, there's an interesting story that prompted Mahadevan to change the title twice before he begins filming this Shahid Kapur flick.

To quote Mahadevan verbatim: “We conducted a survey amongst friends and associates, asking them which title suits better – MOHABBAT KI KII KIII or YEH DIL MAANGE MORE? Half of them felt MOHABBAT KI KII KIII sounded better, while the remaining half felt that YEH DIL MAANGE MORE was more apt. We [presenter Nitin Manmohan, producer Nikhil Panchamiya and Mahadevan] were truly in a fix, but decided to settle for YEH DIL MAANGE MORE.”

However, YEH DIL MAANGE MORE was also shortened to DIL MAANGE MORE for superstitious reasons. “A majority of films beginning with the alphabet 'Y' have bombed at the box-office. We didn't want to start a film on an unlucky note,” Mahadevan chuckles. He, however, denies that the title was modified because it sounded more like a soft drink slogan.

Starring Shahid Kapur, Soha Ali Khan, Ayesha Takia and Raima Sen, DIL MAANGE MORE will be shot in Malaysia from May onwards. So far, music director Himesh Reshammiya has recorded one song.

The producers threw a grand bash at a posh suburban bar to celebrate the launch of the film. Manmohan Shetty, Sanjay Dutt, Zayed Khan and Sohail Maklai [producing RUDRAKSH with Nitin Manmohan] were amongst the dignitaries present on the occasion.