Shahid, Priyanka still together?

The gossipmongers turned out to be fool. Much has been written about Priyanka and Shahid’s affair and even more about their break-up. But surprisingly, the duo is very much together and deeply in love. Shahid enjoyed Priyanka’s success in her favorite restaurant. While talking, the sizzling pair cannot take off their eyes away from one another. They seemed to be very relaxed and intensely in love. They had a cozy and romantic lunch together.

An eyewitness said, “To anyone who hadn’t read and believed their split story, they looked like any normal couple in love. They looked very much in love and quite cute together, as they had eyes only for each other. Priyanka especially looked relaxed.” The lunch was thrown by Shahid to mark Priyanka’s success.

Surprisingly, the couple who had never declared being in love has been voted the Best Couple in Bollywood in an online poll and beating other Bollywood couples like Saif-Kareena, John-Bipasha, Ranbir-Deepika and Salman-Katrina.