Shahid, Priyanka split-up?

Shahid Kapur’s absence from Priyanka Chopra’s birthday bash has strengthened the rumor that the couple is no longer together. Priyanka and Shahid were rumored to have a two-day birthday escapade but nothing of that sort happened and instead he gave Priyanka’s party a miss.

Priyanka Chopra celebrated her 27th birthday with family and friends minus her beau. Everybody was expecting Shahid at the party but his absence inflicted doubts in the mind of the attendances. But surprisingly, Priyanka did not look gloomy or she did not show any sign of missing her boyfriend instead she enjoyed the party to the fullest mingling with the guests.

Now, it’s difficult to make out why Shahid has given Priyanka’s birthday bash a miss, whether there is a fall out between the two or he was busy on the particular day.