Shahid, Priyanka romancing online

Many times Shahid and Priyanka's brewing love story has been heard but till date full confirmation did not come from any sides. From a secret source, it is known that the love story are going in full swing and if out of town, both remain connected though net by chatting, messaging via Facebook. Priyanka is an internet buff and it came to know that it is Priyanka who grew an interest in Shahid to open an account in Facebook. Now both are romancing on net.

According to a source, "PC is presently in Chicago for Ashutosh Gowariker's What's Your Raashee? Meanwhile, Shahid is in Jodhpur. The two young lovers have been writing on each other's 'walls', 'poking' each other and exchanging messages on popular online portal Facebook.

Priyanka is addicted to Facebook. She keeps in touch with her friends through the social networking website. Her profile on the portal doesn't bear her name. She calls herself Sir Pranks-a-lot. Also she hasn't put up her latest picture, but one from her childhood. This way she can maintain her privacy and also not get spammed by people for friend requests."

A common friend says, "They keep writing on each other's walls, commenting on each other's status messages and poking each other."