Shahid-Kareena pair doing four films

Shahid KareenaShahid Kapoor who rose to stardom in Ken Ghosh's 'Ishq Vishq', however, flopped at the box office in their 'Fida' within a brief period of one and a half years. Despite this the pair of Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor is busy shooting four movies at present incidentally.
We met Shahid and Kareena during their shoot of 'Milenge- Milenge' in New Delhi. Believe it that Shahid signed two films with Kareena during their shoot of 'Fida'. Regarding his chemistry with Kareena, the young actor claims that Kareena is his childhood friend though slightly elder to him. So they go very well each other. Shahid is more amused than shocked following the media reports of their soon- to- be held marriage. He claimed that they are good friends but have never given a thought to the idea of a marriage.

Excerpts of tete-e-tete with Shahid Kapoor:

Why did your 'Fida' flop at the box office?

The audience had many expectations from ' Fida' as they had found in 'Ishq Vishq'. But 'Fida' was quite different from 'Ishq Vishq. Moreover, the success of a movie depends on the perception of the viewers, which is beyond our control.

How is that you are doing the third movie with Ken Ghosh?

I have a good tuning with Ken. But apart from me and Kareena, Fardeen Khan is also there in the third movie. So, Ken has not only repeated me but also Fardeen.

Why has Amrita Rao of 'Ishq Vishq' not been repeated in your next movies?

This is a chance only. Incidentally, I have just signed one film of director Mahesh Manjrekar with Amrita Rao.

What's the chemistry between you and Kareena as you have been doing many films with her?

I signed two films with Kareena during our shoot of 'Fida'. You may call it a coincidence that at present I have been doing four films with Karena. Our childhood friendship can be the said to be responsible for our chemistry. Apart from the film sets where ever we meet we discuss films. Moreover, our relationship has further strengthened due to our regular meetings in shoots.

Did you ever quarrel with each other on the sets?

Kareena is senior to me. We may argue with each other, but there is no question of having a quarrel between us. We reach the sets quite early and hold discussion about scenes to be shot during the day.

What about the progress of your relations ending in a marriage? Would you react to the media report about your marriage?

Such reports do not matter to us though we feel tense for some time. We are aware though that in this glamour world we shall have to face such things. Regarding the marriage, I would like to clarify that Kareena and I are very good and special friends. However, we have not given any thought to the idea of a marriage.