Shahid, Kareena all set to shoot together after supposed break up

While Saif and Kareena have been spotted together living it up , it seems poor Shahid has been shooting and sulking out in Canada due to the supposed break up between him and Bebo . Moreover it seems that Kareena had never even bothered to give Shahid and explanation before she dumped him. But now the two, Shahid and Kareena will come face to face as they still have to shoot a vital scene for their forthcoming film Jab We Met.
Kareena and Shahid are slated to shoot for the scene on October 2 and naturally the entire crew of the film as well as director Imtiaz Ali is a little tense as to what may transpire between Shahid and Kareena when they meet each other. The film crew is hoping that they will manage to shoot the important scene without any major tantrums for either Shahid or Kareena. A source reveals “Although the one day patch work shoot was planned long back, the film’s director Imtiaz Ali is very scared as he does not know what will happen on the shoot considering that Shahid and Kareena will come face to face for the first time after their break up.”

The film’s crew is doing their best to maintain an orderly atmosphere and ambience; they have even ordered two separate vanity vans and placed them far away from each other. Earlier when Shahid and Kareena were a couple they always shared a vanity van. The director may also call one of his stars earlier so that they can finish off with all the single shots and to make things less awkward just shoot the scenes with both the stars quickly. However things are bound to get awkward. Nonetheless both Shahid and Kareena are professionals and immediately agreed to do the one day shoot together. The film unit will definitely try to keep the media at bay, so that they can avoid any awkward moments for both the stars.