Shahid Kapur admits that his recent break-up with Kareena hurts

It has of course now been made official that one of bollywood’s hottest couple’s Shahid- Kareena have split after almost three and half years together. It was made official first when Shahid admitted on camera that he was single and then later by Kareena when she walked in with current beau Safi Ali Khan at a public event . While both have maintained a dignified silence about what went wrong in their relationship, it seems that Kareena has already moved on. Shahid meanwhile is concentrating on his film career, but he does admit that seeing the media splash Kareena and new beau Saif on-screen continuously does hurt him.
Shahid says “today I am single but I choose not to dwell on went wrong.” Although the actor admits that he and Kareena are not together, he maintains that there is no point in talking about what went wrong in the relationship. Shahid says “It’s not just me and Kareena who are involved, our families are involved too. I respect everybody. Also right now things are being blown out of proportion as the whole thing is fresh.” Shahid though does not seem to hold any grudges against Kareena outwardly; he says “I wish her all the best. She is a very good actress and a great human being.” Shahid admits that Amrita Rao who according to rumours was one of the reasons for his split from Kareena is one of his favorite co-stars. Shahid says “Amrita is a good actress and a wonderful human being.”

About Kareena and Safi constantly being spotted together in the media, Shahid says “It will be dishonest to say that this doesn’t affect me. I am human, it hurts to see and read this all the time, but I guess I have no choice but to live and deal with it.” On being upset with Kareena, he says “I hold nothing against anybody and I’ m not like that. I’ll cherish the good memories of that relationship and move on.” However the one feel good aspect is that Shahid is single again and he says “I am feeling a certain sense of independence all over again. The best part is the overwhelming affection, concern and support that people are showing towards me. I feel special.”

Finally Shahid has only good words for his lost love Bebo; he says “I wish her all the happiness in the world. I have great respect for her. She’s a wonderful girl.” But Shahid himself remains positive and optimistic about finding love in the future, he says “I still believe in love, you don’t plan to fall in love, but yes I will fall in love again.” Meanwhile Shahid and Kareena’s film Jab We Met will soon release and a certain section of people continue to maintain that this is a publicity stunt for their film. But Shahid says “This is no publicity gimmick. It concerns the lives of two individuals, their emotions and their families. There are too many people involved.” However a source claims that despite the fact that Bebo has been spotted around town with Saif, recently on October 14 she was seen spending time and bonding with Shahid at a private party. The source claims that at the party both Bebo and Shahid were seen chatting and hugging like nothing was wrong.