Shahid Kapoor’s mother Neelima accused of cheating

Shahid Kapoor’s mother Neelima Azmi accused of cheating. Rajesh Vyas of Bioscope Productions has filed a complaint against the actor’s mother Neelima Azmi in the Andheri Metropolitan Court under section 420, 406 and 506.

According to Neeraj Gupta, Vyas' Advocate, Neelima was signed as writer, director and choreographer for a film to be produced by Vyas in 2009 for a sum of Rs 63 Lacs, of which Rs 16 Lacs (in cheque and cash) was already paid to her but till date she has not done nothing and neither cast any star for the film that she has assured.

 Neeraj Gupta says that Neelima Azmi assured them that she will make a film with Emraan Hashmi and Priyanka Chopra and signed a contract. "Later, she said that they are not ready to do the film and assured that she will bring in Shahid Kapoor, her son to do the film. Despite her stating that she would rope in Shahid for the film, the actor was not ready. She again assured our client that she will get some other artistes of their standard; however she couldn't comply with her commitment. She also refused to return the money given to her. Then our client approached the concerned Amboli police station and since no action was taken by the police we lodged a case in the Metropolitan court in Andheri, Mumbai, and now the case will be heard on June 12," Advocate Neeraj Gupta said.

The advocate adds, “My client has filed a case against her and she has to appear in the court on June 2.”

Neelima however denied the episode saying,“I have not received any letter from the court yet. I did sign a contract with the production house and they paid me only R 12 lakh. I worked for them for six months but they wanted big stars for the film. In fact, I also spoke to Sonu Sood and Jimmy Shergill and they were ready to do the film also but Vyas wanted big stars like Emraan and Priyanka.”

The actress feels the other party should have settled the matter amicably. “I would have retained the amount I needed to be paid for six months while returning the rest. But they didn’t talk to me even once. I will ask my lawyer to follow up with them,” she adds.  

When searched on Google about Bioscope Productions, one came across a site based in New York which obviously doesn't have any connection with Bollywood.