Shahid Kapoor on a secret date with Sonakshi Sinha

If the latest grapevine is to be believed then Sonakshi Sinha and Shahid Kapoor is the latest Bollywood couple, dating secretly, trying level best to hide their romance from the prying eyes of the media. The duo is flying high in love but not ready to declare in public. In various occasions, they are spotted together but off late, Shahid hide Sonakshi from being clicked with him.

The duo together hanged out in Goa, enjoyed parties recently but always successful from being clicked together. Recently, Shahid was snapped stepping out of a restaurant in Mumbai. Photographers clicked the actor from every angle but they failed to capture Sonakshi. It is heard that Sona was also with the actor but Shahid played a trick and threw dust over the eyes of media and exit Sonakshi from another exit of the restaurant.

It is heard that their family members are well aware of their romance and they also gave their nod. Shahid has dated few actresses from Bollywood in the past and more recently, he was quoted as saying, “I think I should date a normal girl. I am tired of dating heroines.”

He dated Kareena Kapoor for six long years and finally the duo called it a quit and then he dated Priyanka Chopra during ‘Kaminey’ which also ended miserably and then the actor was also linked with Vidya Balan but it also ended after few months. The actor has been always unsuccessful in love but he is going smoothly with Sonakshi so far.

Their love story kick-starts on the set of ‘R..Rajkumar’ and their proximity grew stronger during the film promotion. It was all seen when Sonakshi hurt her legs during film promotion and how Shahid supported her to promote the film in few TV shows.

A source says, “Sonakshi and Shahid were acquaintances when they started shooting for the movie, but later as they got to spend time with each other on and off the sets they realised that they were more than friends. And anyway both them were single.”

The spark is equal in both the sides and both are very devoted to one another and spend quality time with each other to know one another better. It was reported earlier that when Shahid was in Ahmadabad during film promotion, he brought a saree for Sonakshi.

“Sonakshi and Shahid have recently started seeing each other and they are very fond of each other, but right now it’s too early for them to talk about it. They want to keep their fondness under wraps,” adds the industry source.