Shahid Kapoor says ‘Shaadi La Ladoo’ is great to taste

During the trailer launch of ‘Shaandaar’, Shahid Kapoor was flooded with marriage questions by media but the actor avoided questions related to his new bride Mira or his recent wedding. His co-star Alia Bhatt came to Shahid’s rescue and answered most of Shahid’s wedding question directed to the actor by the media.

It seems all the guests were well prepared to give save guard Shahid. It was Shahid Kapoor’s first press conference post his wedding to Delhi based Mira Rajput but the media conference turned to be a complete spoiled one. Hardly media got any interesting marriage bytes from the heartthrob of Bollywood.

At the onset of the media conference, the film’s producer requested the media to keep the questions related to the event.

To everybody’s surprise, almost first five minutes of the conference was answered by Alia and Vikas Bahl and Shahid hardly go the chance to answer.

Finally, media could not control and asked Shahid about his recent marriage. When the actor was asked what most shaandar gift he received after marriage, Alia intervened before Shahid could even reply or think of replying.

“One second..Shahid’s shaandaar shaadi is done and now we will only talk about the marriage in Shaandaar,” shouted Alia.

When the media demands a quote from Shahid, both Alia and Karan joined in to protect him. The actor too humbly stayed silent.

When the ‘Haider’ actor was again asked what ‘Shaandaar’ gift he got for his wedding, he didn’t reply. Alia again came to his rescue and said, “We are Shaandaar gifts of his wedding.”

When another lady journalist quizzed Shahid on whether Shaadi ka ladoo is a good or bad thing to eat, an unwilling Shahid with much hurdle asnwered, “It’s great.”