Shahid Kapoor is confused

Pankaj Kapur is turning out to be the most demanding director Shahid Kapoor ever worked with. Mausam, is tightly controlled by Pankaj himself, who has expressly forbidden his son from uttering a word about the film, or even taking any decisions on the look he is supposed to sport. Also, the beard that Shahid has grown for the part may have to go. Pankaj decided the beard doesn’t go with the Air Force officer’s role after seeing the look. “Believe me, I’m thoroughly confused. My father keeps telling me to try different looks, and I just obey. He asked me to grow a beard and I happily did it. I don’t know what else he’s going to make me try.” Shahid said. 
“We’ll not go against the logistics of the character, that’s for sure. Dad says he was considering it. Whether it stays or not I don’t know. I’ve reached a point where I’ve surrendered completely to his vision. I’m just going ahead with whatever he wants to do with me. Exactly how I’ll look I won’t know until we actually start shooting.” Shahid Kapur said.

“I didn’t start them, so don’t ask me where and how these rumors keep coming back from. Just because Priyanka and I stay in the same building, people keep making assumptions. There are so many other girls in the same building. Maybe I should just change my home address. I don’t enjoy being written about in connection with the women I am seen with.”  Shahid added.

“That’s the story of my career. I’ve been romancing a new heroine in every film for six years and each time there’s a link-up. The rumors may not start this time because Sonam and I are working in my dad’s film. This pairing should be interesting.” Shahid concluded.