Wedding bells for Shahid Kapoor!

The biggest concern of Pankaj Kapoor at this point of time is his son Shahid Kapoor’s marriage. Shahid’s marriage is Pankaj Kapoor’s top most priority at the moment and for this reason, he might be frequently visiting his home town Punjab. It is rumored that Pankay is on a hunt for a suitable bride for his son and as he wants his son to settle down soon. But the biggest question is whether Shahid would go for arranged marriage.

Possibility is high that Shahid might go with his father’s choice as he trusts his father than anybody else. “It is possible that it could be a match picked by his father since he trusts his father's judgement more than anybody else's,” a source is quoted as saying.

Pankaj Kapur clarified that his frequent trip to Punjab is for other reasons. Recently, in an interview with Anupama Chopra, Shahid said he has no plans to get wed in the near future as he is very happy being single, but at the same time admitted that his parents are desperate to see him getting married soon. The actor even spoke about his choice. He said he wants to marry a “normal” girl, and not someone from the industry.

32-year-old Shahid had a failed relationship with Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Vidya Balan and now he doesn’t want anyone from the glamor world.

Talking to the press, Pankaj Kapur had once revealed his desire to see Shahid happily married. “I want to see him married. But it’s his choice. He will decide who to marry and then come to me and say ‘Here is the girl I want to marry’. As a father, I will make the arrangements and participate. As he is established, it is his prerogative. It’s my duty to stand by him.”

Well, we hope Shahid finds his life partner soon and fulfills his parents wish!