Shahid Kapur goes naked

Young and charming Shahid Kapur goes bare bodied while shooting for Vishal Bharadwaj’s ‘Kaminay’ and girls could not stop cheering for the actor. They whistled, screamed on looking Shahid Kapur riding a horse without shirt.

Shahid is young and so he could easily mingle with the youngsters. ''Shahid is happy about it. He feels honored to be college crowds favourite. Also his zara hatke role in ‘Kaminay’ is sure to give him a top billing among other actors. ‘Kaminay’ will change Shahid's entire image. It is going to put him being a hot contender amongst the others. Also working with Vishal Bharadwaj has been amazing,'' said the source.

A friend of Shahid said, ''He wants to be that way! Also Shahid feels that playing characters older than your real age can fall flat on screen at times and he does not want to land up doing anything stupid.''

In ‘Kaminay’, Shahid will be in a ‘never seen before’ role and for that he has undergone a massive makeover.

Shahid is happy that offers are coming his way slowly and steadily. In ‘Kaminay’, he pairs opposite hot Priyanka Chopra.