Shahid claims he and Priyanka are just friends

Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra both together decided not to reveal their relationship in public and that’s why when he was asked about his link-ups stories with Piggy Chops, he straightway denied and gave a safe answer that they are just good friends.  

When asked about Priyanka Chopra the hunk frankly accepted, “Me and Priyanka! We're really good friends. She's a very good actor and I think so far what she's achieved is fantastic. She's a thorough professional. We've shared a great working equation and we're also neighbours.”

It is not only Priyanka but the charming actor has been linked up with many beauties.

When asked about his other link-ups, Shahid very bluntly answered, “I think sometimes the alleged link-ups are really funny. I don't get linked with the actresses, who are really good friends. I go over to Genelia's home once every month, and we're very good friends, and nobody has linked us. And on the other hand, I've been linked-up with the actress with whom I share only a working relationship.”

Well, Shahid is cool, charming handsome enough to make girls fall weak at his knees.