Shahid and Kareena bump into each other at a film function

Shahid and Kareena are no doubt ex-lovers and both of them seem to have moved on. Kareena is now dating Saif Ali Khan  and Shahid has been linked with several actresses from Amrita Rao to Vidya Balan etc. But both Shahid and Kareena belong to the same industry and hence they are bound to run into each other. And this happened recently when the two bumped into each other at a recent film awards function. Kareena was performing at the function and was sitting along with Saif's son Ibrahim. Meanwhile Shahid too made an entry at the film function just as Kareena's performance was about to begin.

The film industry is a small place and people from it are no doubt bound to run into each other. So Shahid and Kareena too bumped into each other recently. In fact Shahid made an entry just a few minutes prior to Kareena's performance. Kareena and Shahid greeted each other pleasantly and even spoke for a few minutes back stage. Meanwhile Saif's son Ibrahim had also tagged along with Saif and Kareena to spend some quality time with them. Saif is quite keen that Kareena get to know his kids well. Ironically even while watching the function; both Shahid and Kareena were just a few seats away from each other. According to sources Kareena kept glancing in Shahid's direction every few minutes and was preoccupied with him sitting just a few seats away. A source from the function said "After they shook hands, they spoke for some minutes. Both seemed very normal with each other. There were no awkward moments or any clumsiness when they spoke."

Saif was also present at the awards function and performed the finale at the event. Saif performed to a medley of songs from different films like Om Shanti Om, Bhool Bhulaiya etc. According to sources, Saif was also supposed to perform to 'Mauja Mauja' from Jab We Met. The song in the film had Shahid and Kareena performing in it. Earlier Saif had no problems performing to the song. However a few days prior to the event, when Saif learnt that Shahid would also be attending the awards function, he flatly refused to perform on that song. Saif probably did not want to have any awkward moments as Kareena, he and Shahid would all be present at the function. However the organisers deny that Saif was ever supposed to perform on the 'Mauja Mauja' number.