Shahid Afridi is a die-hard fan of SRK

That Pakistani cricket captain Shahid Afridi is a die-hard fan of King Khan was revealed by his younger brother Javed Afridi while he commenting live on the radio station in India during the Indo-Pak semi final. Javed also added that Shahid never misses any of his films and he has seen ‘My Name Is Khan’ at least a dozen times.

He said, "Shahid is a huge fan of Shahrukh Khan. He never misses out on his films and has seen My Name Is Khan at least a dozen times."

Javed added that when Afridi learnt that SRK will not be present in Mohali, his mood gone off. "Shahid was upset that he missed a chance of meeting SRK. They have met a couple of times before though and he becomes like a star-struck kid every time."

Way back in 2009, the two huge pathans share some joyous moment. Back then, SRK had said, "No matter how big a star I become, all the girls keep telling me 'You are not like Shahid Afridi'."