Shahana Goswami, Milind Soman split-up

The Rock On actress Shahana Goswami and Milind Soman finally separated. Their end was very much expected as Milind was double the age of Shahana and both always had differences of opinion. They were only eight months old lovers and met in March through a common friend, Purab Kohli. They mutually ended their affair following difference in temperament.
Talking about the difference in temperament a source said, "He wanted a commitment from her, she was more inclined to take it one day at a time. Temperamentally, they are very different. He believes in planning and she is spontaneous, when it comes to relationship, career or day-to-day decisions."

"It`s been tough but both of them are holding strong. They haven`t made the transition from lovers to friends yet, but in time that will happen", added the source.

Before they came closer, both Shahana and Milind were engaged to someone else. Shahana was committed to Mira Nair`s nephew Ishaan and Milind separated away from his French wife Mylene Jampanoi.