Shah Rukh’s son AbRam future Harry Porter?

Shah Rukh’s son AbRam becomes the center of media attention the minute his picture appears on the internet. And the craze heightens when King Khan is the one to share the photos. It has happened once again and this time is it the cutest AbRam ever. This latest image of AbRam was shared by Shah Rukh on 4th April. The actor took to Twitter for revealing a humorous pose that his son struck. The toy that little AbRam found for himself was the most unusual one – a broom!

Whatever his naughty son is up to, his dad finds utmost pleasure in sharing these special moments with his fans. Shah Rukh feels that AbRam’s actions might predict what a personality he would become in the future. Shah Rukh tweeted along with the picture - “Starting him young to believe in Clean India….Green India…& maybe a round or two of Quidditch!!” Harry Porter fans very know that Quidditch is a famous game featuring flying wizards on broomsticks.

Shah Rukh makes sure to please his fans by sharing the most wonderful moments of his youngest son. Thanks to social media, people have got the chance to see AbRam many times now. Besides, Shah Rukh shares how little AbRam is learning to talk nowadays. Yet another tweet of the actor on 4th April said, “Make up is not just to look pretty on screen. It helps cover the bruises. Thot as I nurse my knee…my lil one says “Papa toot gaya…”” Though this tweet couldn’t be more interesting, it makes one wonder – did Shah Rukh hurt himself again? The actor had a minor knee injury while he was promoting ‘Happy New Year’ and he made sure to keep his fans informed. He tweeted in February – “Knee looked into. Thank u Doc. Desai...if not up & running at least you’ve got me up & walking.”Yet another injury he has suffered lately is the one while shooting for ‘Fan’. When he was filming in Croatia, he was the one to give the bad news – “Serious ouch time! Hamstring shaken fortunately not stirred. Injections galore, running like a duck. Not that I don’t like ducks but it sucks!” – Shah Rukh tweeted last month.

Last February, Shah Rukh had tweeted another photo of his AbRam. And this one was an adorable father son photo. Shah Rukh wrote a few line of a poem and then tweeted, “& before the tweets lead to an assumption of a troubled mindset, this pic of my Murphy baby & they say “awww””