Shah Rukh Khan praises wife Gauri

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri have been known to be ‘the’ couple of Bollywood. The two got married in 1991 even before Shah Rukh’s debut film “Deewana” (1992) released. Their relationship has only grown stronger with time.

 Gauri is a star wife today, but she maintains her own identity as well. She is into interior designing and has been very good at it. From being the producer of Red Chillies Entertainment to designing her own home “Mannat” to doing up Arjun Rampal’s nightclub ‘Lap’, Gauri has done it all.

 In her endeavors her partner has been another star wife- Suzanne Roshan- who is the wife of actor Hrithik Roshan.

 Sussane Roshan opened up a store in the year 2011, named The Charcoal Project. The store had been doing really well, and since the two star wives are into the same profession, Gauri launched in partnership, her own style of furniture, in Sussanne’s store.

 SRK has always stated that when it comes to interior designing he falls back on his wife. He said, “It's Gauri who decides what interior stuff to buy for home and what not, I am not allowed to say anything. But as far as the office is concerned. I am the boss.”

 Gauri explained her fetish for interior designing continues since her school days. She said, “I started off as an artist in school with various sketches. I continued that as a hobby for many years, and I think that is where my designs come from".

 Recently Shah Rukh took to his micro blogging site to express his awe over his wife Gauri’s calibre. He also praised Suzanne for her skills. He tweeted, “@iamsrk Saw stuff by Charcoal Project.Wot fantastic creativity in furniture by @sussannekroshan & my multifaceted wife Gauri. U girls make wood speak (sic)”.

 Gauri now will be taking it a notch higher. Gauri has taken up a project of doing the interior designing of a penthouses in Pune. This is her first commercial project for interior designing with Kolte Patil Developers Ltd. (KPDL).

 Gauri spoke about this at length saying, “I have designed interiors of my home and homes of friends. But this is my first commercial project. This is the first time I have been signed on by a company.”

 She added, “This will be a project with real deadlines and budget. Here I will be answerable and accountable for my work. Not only will this take my creativity to another level, but it will also help me keep in mind the client’s needs and preferences. It will help me be professional enough to keep the clients’ likes and dislikes on the fore over my personal taste.”