Shah Rukh Khan -'fan'tastic

Shahrukh Khan"Never count on your stars," they say. Stars – the celestials and terrestrials, unless of course you encounter one Mr. Shah Rukh Khan.
This 'count'down was narrated by one of the star struck girls. The girls just wanted to...
...have fun one Saturday night. Help came in form of a friend, who'd managed to get their names on the invitee list for a party at one happening nightspot in suburban Mumbai. So the girls dressed In their Saturday bests made their way to the venue and stood in the serpentine queue. After the long wait however, they realized that their names were actually missing from the list. They stood their ground, arguing with the security, cursing their friend when they heard commotion in human forms walking by them.
Didn't take them time to realize their screen idol Shah Rukh Khan was making a grand entry. Forgetting their disappointment for a moment, the girls started screaming and waving out to SRK. And at the door one of them gathered all her vocal cords and yelled to him, how she wanted to get in but couldn't.
Not one to let his fans down ever, Shah Rukh turned to the man at the security and gestured to him that the girls were with him. And the girls couldn't have asked for more, even if they weren't let in now. But they were, and had a ball.They even managed to survive the shock of this genuinely sweet act from the King of them all and lived to tell the tale. SRK meanwhile added three more die-hard fans to his fan club.