Shagufta Ali moves into tears as she receives Rs 5 Lakh from Madhuri Dixit

Veteran actor Shagufta Ali, who is facing financial crunch due to her ill health and no work received financial help of Rs 5 lakh from actress Madhuri Dixit on the dance reality show, ‘Dance Deewane 3’. She made a special appearance on the show and on behalf of the dance show, she was bestowed with the amount.

Shagufta moved into tears on receiving the amount from Madhuri.

Talking about her three-decade-long journey in the industry, heartbroken Shagufta said, “The last 32 years among the 36 years have been wonderful. I struggled a lot, worked a great deal too, supported my family and myself. But four years ago, several auditions took place, a lot of things happened but nothing was working out. During that time, the problem with my leg increased because of diabetes, which also affected my eyes. I don’t know why but I couldn’t tolerate the pain of these four years. The industry is my home, I have given 36 years to it.”

Madhuri then came on stage and comforted her by saying, “You had written that you have nothing to even sell right now. You have reached such a stage today, so from the ‘Dance Deewane’ team, we would like to do something for you. From them, I would like to give you a cheque of Rs 5 lakh.”

The actor was diagnosed with third-stage breast cancer a few years back but recovered well. Following her recovering, she met with multiple accidents on sets. Four years ago, she was diagnosed with diabetes and developed many health issues.

“I have pain in my feet and even numbness. The high blood sugar level has even harmed my eyes and I need to get proper medical aid,” she told

Shagufta decided to talk about her situation on a suggestion of her close ones. “I know someone, who is more like a daughter to me. She knew about everything and told me that it was high time I talk about it, so that I get help. While I wasn’t sure, I took it as Allah’s will and decided to seek help.”

Speaking about receiving help, Shagufta Ali said, “I am quite close to Neena ji (Neena Gupta), and had told her about it. She did help me earlier, and so did Sumeet Raghavan and Sushant Singh. I am thankful to them. And now CINTAA has also reached out, and I will discuss the matter with them.”