Shabana Azmi hits out at Raj Thackeray, Devendra Fadnavis

Veteran actor Shabana Azmi lashes out at Raj Thackeray after she came to know that a deal was finalized between Raj Thackery and Karan Johar for the smooth running of his Diwali release ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’.

Says Shabana, “ADHM has been passed by the Censor Board. Home Minister Rajnath Singh promised safe passage for the film’s release. The matter should have ended there.”

Shabana wonders what was the need to discuss with Raj Thackeray. She says, “The role of the Maharashtra Chief Minister was clear. He had to ensure that law and order is enforced. Instead, he brokers a deal between the producers and Raj Thackeray who places a price of Rs 5 crores for display of patriotism?”

Shabana feels the Maharashtra CM owes an explanation to the BJP. “The BJP should demand an explanation from Devendra Fadnavis for disrespecting the Home Minister’s words.”

Slamming Maharashtra CM, Azmi wrote#"What a sorry state of affairs! CM brokers deal and buys patriotism for 5 crores! After Home minister had promised peaceful passage for #ADHM," Azmi, 66, posted on Twitter.

#Sangh Parivar speaks in different voices most blatant expression is CM MHRSTA brokering deal with MNS instead of enforcing law and order for ADHM release.

She hits out at MNS for questioning her patriotism#MNS will decide whether I am patriotic or not? I bow to the Indian Constitution, Raj Thackeray does not. Whose patriotism needs questioning?"

Karan Johar along with Bhatt met Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, who had assured a smooth release of the film at theatres.

"CM Fadnavis shows scant respect for Home Ministers assurance of safe passage for #ADHM. BJP better haul him up and demand explanation", quotes Shabana Azmi.