Shabana and Rani bond at book Launch

Shabana Azmi and Rani Mukherjee


Two of bollywood's finest actresses, Shabana Azmi and Rani Mukherjee were seen bonding at the book launch of 'The God Who Lived as Man'. The veteran Shabana Azmi had donned a simple bright orange salwar while pretty Rani too opted for a simple white salwar, but the actresses were constantly smiling and hugging each other. At the event it was quite clear that both of them share an easy camaraderie. Well Rani what about sharing a good camaraderie with some of your comtemporaries like Aishwarya.


Rani Mukherjee


Rani Mukherjee is considered as one of the top actresses, however lately she has not had any hits. Does this have anything to do with Rani working only for films in her home banner (almost) Yash Raj films. But Rani and Aditya have nerver admitted their relationship in public and have always maintained that they are 'just good freinds'. Aditya Chopra was apparently so smitten with Rani that he even divorced his first wife for her. So is Rani's karma of a homebreaker catching up with her finally? Well Aditya better give Rani a 'hit' before she begins looking elsewhere, for films of course.


Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi


Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar can put many other bollywood couples to shame with their sincerity and dedication to each other even at this age. The two are often spotted together but have different, thriving careers too. So this is one of those couples who do their own thing but know how to stay together and are not the least bit insecure. Are you hearing that, all you young, lovey dovey couples of bollywood.


Shabana Azmi and Rani Mukherjee


Along with an active acting career even today, Shabana Azmi is also a social activist and supports various social causes. However as she obviously does not get into controversies now, she maintains a low profile in bollywood. Rani too maintains a low profile and hence she has often been referred to as the 'ice queen' who does not mingel much with bollywood celebs. Well when she has Aditya Chopra by her side, why would she need to mingle with others. Rani was earlier a close freind of the Bachchan family, but with Ash taking over Abhishek, she promptly moved away from them.