#SelfiewithDaughter: Shruti Seth slams PM Narendra Modi

Criticizing #SelfiewithDaughter campaign initiated by our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, TV actress Shruti Seth was flooded with hate tweets and the actress trolls for the next 48 hours. Calling the campaign an ‘eyewash’, Shruti Seth faces the wrath of twitterati. Shruti removed the tweets against the #SelfiewithDaughter campaign which she posted on her social media but later she has posted a letter to the nation and in this open letter to the nation, she regrets for removing her initial tweet for the backlash but also said that she stands for what she said.

In this open letter, Shruti has also a small note for PM Modi and thanked for those who supported her thoughts.

An excepts from the letter reads# On the morning of 28th June, I made the grave mistake of expressing my views on an initiative called #selfiewithdaughter which had been blessed by our PM. Most people found it to be a sweet gesture and a means to create awareness about female infanticide. I, sadly, didnt find the idea very palatable... I then made a graver mistake of posting this opinion on Twitter...And so I deserved to be punished. And punished In a manner commensurate with the vitriol that the anonymity and access of Twitter so easily provide... Men and women alike said the most vile things about me, stripping me of all my dignity as someones daughter, wife and mother and most importantly a woman. Men who were busy hash-tagging their selfies with their daughters one minute called me slanderous names the next...All those who trolled me incessantly for forty eight hours, did you for once stop and think that I, too, am someones daughter? Did you ever ask yourselves how youd feel if it were your daughter at the receiving end of all that hate? I’m guessing the answer is a big, resounding No. Because, you know, you were too busy pouting for the camera and getting likes and RTs to your #selfiewithdaughter.

While thanking her supporters, Shruti Seth wrote, "Thank you all who spoke in support. It keeps the fire burning. Good thing we girls don't scare easy. #bahadurbetiyaan"