Saumya Tandon quits ‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain’

Saumya Tandon, who rose to fame with TV soap ‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai’ has bade good-bye to the show. The actor chose not to renew her contract, and today is her last day of shoot.

Speaking exclusively to, Tandon shared that she decided to quite the show to explore new challenges as an actor. “I have had a beautiful journey of five years with the show. I have formed some amazing friendship on the set. But as an actor, you want to explore different things. I also believe there is a time for everything, and this was my time with Bhabiji. There is so much content being made, and I want to see myself attempt something different. I am a thinking actor and do not feel the need to be seen on television every day,” she said.

From pay-cuts to Covid scare, several reasons surfaced on media for the actress walking out of the show. However, the actor puts all the rumours to rest, she said, “It was so painful to read all those articles. I wasn’t allowed to talk to the media then. But I am a person who gives a thought to everything. Neither is it money nor covid. Sorry to burst the bubble but there is just no controversy here. It was a decision taken as an artists, and I think that is why the team understood it so well. I worked till the last stage of my pregnancy, and was back within four months of delivering my son. I worked so hard to get back in shape for the role. This move was, however, important as an actor. I must add that it was not impulsive but a well-thought-out move.”

Her co-star Shubhangi Atre says she will miss Saumya.

"It is only recently that I got to know that Saumya will be leaving the show. It is a shock for me as well. I am a big admirer of her work. She is a wonderful actress and perfect for Anita's role. Her character is described as somebody who's sophisticated and beautiful and Saumya is ideal to play Anita. Although I am still not sure if she has really quit the show, I wanted her to continue playing the character," she said.

Talking about her experience of working with Saumya, Shubhangi said, "We will definitely miss her because the show is all about two ‘bhabijis’. While my character Angoori is about this traditional housewife, Saumya's Anita was an absolute contradiction. Without the second bhabiji, I don't know how will the show pan out. This is something the showrunners will figure out."